First Post!

I was lurking on IRC one day when someone was talking about registering a new domain name.  For no real reason I found myself WHOIS‘ing whatever domains came to mind.  I already have plenty of domains I do nothing with, but I guess I was jealous of whatever cool new domain that person came up with, and was determined to find my own. was available, and in retrospect probably wasn’t that great of a pick, but I snatched it up anyhow.  I mean it’s no intertubes or even intertubez, but it still seemed close enough to the Ted Stevens-esque meme that I was delighted by it’s availability.   It really shouldn’t have come as such a surprise to me that it wasn’t taken.  It’s not after all a very meaningful or memorable name, and what ever comical geek-cred might have come with it has been long since stale.

Like most of the domains I registered on a whim it sat parked, doing nothing, and then finally expired.  A few weeks later I started a new part-time job as an IT admin (having recently decided to go back to school) and thought it would be nice to start up a blog detailing IT related tips, tricks and helpful software reviews.  Although I’ve done IT work before, most of my career has been spent in providing IP services (ITSP, WISP, ISP, etc) and I thought the transition might lead to some readable content.  As I said though, this domain had already expired just recently before deciding to use it for this blog.  I was previously registered with Godaddy, and the domain was in redemption status, which occurs 19 days after the domain has sat expired without renewal.  Renewing a domain in the redemption period runs around $80 USD, which is entirely too much money for me to spend on a domain I didn’t care that much about.  Still, I wanted the domain back, so I poked around in the Godaddy account management panel looking for some magical out to get my domain back cheaply.  Finally, I figured it out.  Although the domain was in Godday’s redemption status, and subject to a large penalty for renewal, they were not preventing me from transferring the expired domain to a new registrar.  I went with Network Solutions, which is not as competitively priced, but still significantly cheaper than $80.  I guess it was mostly due to laziness and familiarity with Network Solutions having used them back when they were the only game in town that I ended up there, you’ll usually find me shunning them ordinarily.  I remember managing domains through e-mail *sigh*, but I digress.   Having talked it over with some friends this morning, consensus in my little community seems to favor as a good choice for future domain name registrations.

So there we have it.  This domain is back up and finally put into action, and even more incredible, it has some original content, with its first helpful tip (i.e. transfer- don’t renew your in redemption domain names).  I’ve asked for a cheap digital camera for Christmas, hoping this will spur my blogging on, and I’ve already made my New Years resolution:  Blog about something possibly not completely boring at least once per week.  Keep in mind that I do have other blogs, so if you don’t hear from me (sadly quite likely) it doesn’t mean that I’ve necessarily broken that New Years resolution, it’s just likely that I have.  By the way, that resolution doesn’t go into effect until January 1st 2010, so this completely boring post doesn’t break any rules.

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2 Responses to First Post!

  1. C4 says:

    Was mine the “cool new domain”?

  2. Chris says:

    I can’t remember. It very well could have been, although I have a tendancy to type nonstdio when I go there (I like this better in my head even though it’s an extra letter and means the same thing).

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