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About the Name: “Ethertubes” is kind of a mashup of ethernet and intertubes. Intertubes being a term resulting from the Ted Stevens “series of tubes” meme. In typical “internet speak” fashion a popular idea, reoccurring theme, etc, eventually devolves into some nonsensical new word or bastardisation of grammar. This same feedback loop of idea regurgitation is why a phrase like “i can haz cheezburger” is considered to be in acceptable form in many circles.

Ted Stevens was a US senator from Alaska who gained Internet infamy for his errant analogy of the interworkings of the Internet. This was during a time of heated debate about Net Neutrality. He argued on the side that favored large communications carriers. These carriers, not content merely to charge their subscribers for Internet access hatched a plan to also charge the content producers which create the demand for Internet service as well. Many people feared the changes would hinder innovation. In the meantime here is clueless Ted Stevens blathering on, trying his best to remember talking points that seem to belong to somebody else.

Ted Stevens is dead now, but his herp derp remains.


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